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Archdiocese Reacts to Covid-19 

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for Holy Week

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Special Update

While all daily masses are cancelled in the church the priests continue to offer masses privately for the intentions listed in the bulletin. 


  • Bulletins are available under the Bulletin section of this website 


Online Giving:

We rely on your weekly offerings to support the work of our parish and its daily operations.

Your Continued Support is

Much Appreciated.

There are 3 ways to contribute :

1) By setting up online giving through Vanco  

2) By dropping your offering envelope at the rectory during business hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

3) Through a new online GoFundMe Page. Our parish URL is:



Online Mass Offering

Online Mass Offerings

  • Follow Church of the Assumption on Facebook for Livestream Sunday Mass with our Pastor, Father Paul or our Vicar, Father Chris


  • EWTN Live Sunday Mass Schedule

       8am and 12pm,



       Saturday, March 21

       7 pm & 11:30 pm -  Sunday Mass  with Father Kevin Regan from America's           Catholic Church, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate                 Conception in Washington, DC.

       Sunday, March 22

Online Mass Reflections

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Ways to Keep the Lord's Day Holy

Ways to Keep the Lord’s Day Holy During Social Distancing


A Prayer for Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you above all things and I desire to receive you in my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive you sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace you as if you were already there. And unite myself wholly to you. Never permit me to be separated from you. Amen.

Lenten Video Series Online





Highly recommended by our viewers

Our New Lenten Video Series

Shot in the Holy Land, it's a whole new perspective on Calvary.

We are permitted a limited amount of online viewers.

Email: to reserve your online space.

It’s free. It is easy to watch. It's moving.


Online Giving

Assumption Accepts Online Giving!

Church of the Assumption is using Vanco Services, LLC to allow parishioners make donations electronically. You can donate through your checking/savings account or using your debit/credit card.

You can register online and set your donations the way that's more convenient for you: you can choose the amount and the frequency of your donations (weekly, monthly, etc.) or even set a one-time offering.

Call the Rectory office at (201) 262-1122 for more information.

You can set up your secure online account by clicking here.

Check Back Here Frequently or with Rectory

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Lent During the Pandemic

Prayer: Options for Home

With all Masses suspended and social distancing keeping many of us away from the parish, it is more important than ever that we seek the Lord in prayer. It’s also crucial that we pray together in our families, especially on Sundays. Let us intensify our prayer, whether or not we can make it to the church building, and Christ will equip us with everything we need to endure.

  • Offer your prayers for those who are sick, those who have died, those who are suffering because of disruptions to their daily lives, those who are afraid, those who are vulnerable, healthcare workers, and government officials tasked with protecting the public.

  • Pray Pope Francis Prayer for Protection and Help.

  • Go to to pray with Father Paul on Monday

  • Watch Mass with Fr. Paul or Fr. Chris on Facebook.

  • Email: to set an apt. to talk or pray with Father Paul, Father Chris or Father Eugene by phone, if needed.

  • Sign up for a free account at to pray World Rosary to end the pandemic.

  • Watch Sunday Mass celebrated at at 8am and 11am.

  • Watch daily Mass celebrated by Bishop Robert Barron.

  • Go to Mass with Cardinal Tobin

  • Use spiritual resources from the USCCB, including more options for watching Masses and Adoration.

  • Make a spiritual communion.

  • Pray one or two of the liturgical hours each day. If you don’t want to buy a breviary, download an app like iBreviary.

  • Visit for videos, bible studies and podcasts.

  • Visit 

To pray personally with a priest, call 201-262-1122 to set an appointment.


Fasting: Ways to Deny Yourself

A “quarantine” is literally a period of forty days, usually a period of isolation designed to prevent the spread of disease. It’s striking that the current call to self-quarantine is happening during the forty-day season of Lent. Let us take advantage of this opportunity to isolate ourselves from the contagions of the world, the flesh, and the devil through fasting and self-denial.

  • Renew your commitment to the obligatory Lenten practices of the Church: abstaining from eating meat on Fridays, fasting and abstaining from meat on Good Friday, and receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation (at least once a year).

  • Fast each Friday and/or other days. One traditional option is to extend the Good Friday fast until the Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday.

  • Give up everyday luxuries you enjoy, such as hot showers, desserts, sweets, sweetened drinks, alcohol, snacking, and/or a favorite food.

  • Give up or limit your access to the internet, social media, your smartphone or other devices, TV, movies, videos, and/or video games.

  • Spend your extra time in prayer, spiritual reading, quality time with your family, and service to others.

  • Make time for prayerful silence by giving up music and other audio.

  • Lenten veiling is a sort of fasting from the use of holy images during the final two weeks of Lent, a time when we especially focus on the Lord’s Passion. Cover or hide crucifixes and other devotional images to remind yourself of our separation from heaven, which is remedied by Christ’s Passion and Resurrection.


Almsgiving: Ways to Help During the Pandemic

Many people are suffering during this pandemic, and not only those who are sick. Virus-related disruptions will cause hardships for our neighbors. Prayerfully consider what you can do to serve Christ in the poor and vulnerable.

  • Check in with your neighbors, fellow parishioners you know, friends, family members, and others who may need assistance, especially those who are most vulnerable during this time (e.g. the home bound and the elderly). Share prayers, words of encouragement, and any concrete aid that you can. This could include shopping, picking up prescriptions, providing meals, helping with childcare, or financial assistance. 

  • Our parish will continue to have financial needs during the pandemic. In fact, we may have to rely on parishioners’ generosity even more in order to provide aid to those seeking assistance. If you will not be able to give in person, please give online. Thank you!

  • If you have an idea about how parishioners can help each other during this time of disruption, or if you want to serve, please take the initiative! Contact the Rectory at 201-262-1122.

  • Join our new Phone Chain, if you would like another parishioner to reach out to you to check in. We are also looking for volunteers to call fellow parishioners. To be added to the Phone Chain, email Sue Rector at or call her at 201-290-8756. Volunteers please do the same.

  • During this time of fear and anxiety, share the peace and hope you have in Christ with your family, friends, and other people you know.

Stations of the Cross



Call for an appointment

at 201-262-1122.


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Palm Crosses & Lily's on Sale

Pick up order forms in church or call 201-262-1122, 

orders are due by April 3rd.


Adult Singles Social/Support Group 

A New Social and Support Group is

starting for Adult Singles 

 This is open to Widowed, Divorced and

all Single Adults. Come for fun and         



Call Tom Babcock at 551-206-4288 for more info.  (This ministry is temporarily not able to meet.)

2020 Annual Appeal

he theme of the 2020 Annual Appeal is “Shining the Light of Christ.” As disciples, we are individually called to radiate the love of God in our work, our relationships, our service and our giving (cf. Mt. 5:16). As a Catholic faith community, our common worship, hospitality, pastoral care and ministry reflects this love to the wider community. By sharing our time, unique talents, and personal treasure, we participate in shining the light of Christ ever more brightly.

As members of the Catholic Church of Newark, we are united by a common mission entrusted to us by Jesus Christ - to proclaim the Gospel, to pass on the faith to the next generation through the celebration of the sacraments, to care for the poor and vulnerable, and to form our future priests. The 2020 Annual Appeal binds us more closely to this mission through our stewardship of God's many gifts.

Your support of this year's Annual Appeal will have a direct impact on the lives of those served through the ministries and programs of this Archdiocese.


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6PM Sunday Mass

New Mass, New Music - Sundays 6 PM 

6:00 pm Sunday evening Mass with a Worship Ensemble featuring Guitar, Drums, Vocals and Keyboards. We hope this additional time for Sunday Mass will serve all our families.


Share Your Faith:New Evangelization Ministry

Want To Help Others Grow In Their Faith Journey? 

If you have a personal relationship with Christ and want to grow closer to The Lord, we hope you will consider joining our Evangelization Committee.

This NEW Ministry will be initiating an ongoing new effort to help others grow in faith.


We ask just 1 - 2 hours of your time per month.

For more information, please call Susan Rector at 201-290-8756, or e-mail her at