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Thoughts from the Heart   - Sunday, May 21, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Today we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, having spent time in His risen body with His Apostles.

The Gospel for this day reminds us that Jesus will return just as the Apostles saw Him go.

Jesus alsi gives them their mission to go and baptize and make disciples of all nations. The Church today continues this mission faithful to Jesus and his directive.


Have a blessed Easter Season,


Fr. Paul

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$1.50 per Ticket
20 Tickets - $25.00
45 Tickets - $50.00

$30 each 
Wristband Nights: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

For more information:
Call 201-262-1122


Each year we are invited to participate in the Annual Appeal, which is an opportunity to support essential ministries and programs of our archdiocese.

Please note that we have a $10,000 shortfall. You can help us by making a contribution to the Annual Appeal. If you do not contribute the Parish will have to makeup the shortfall from Parish Funds. Annual Appeal forms are available at the door of the church.

Your sacrificial support makes it possible for use to carry out the important work that we are called to do as missionary disciples of Jesus.

Please consider participating in this year's appeal to help make a significant  difference in many lives within our Archdiocese.  

We celebrate the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass as the Family Mass. We invite ALL families to come and join us at this time to praise God and celebrate the Mass as one Catholic family. 

Children's Liturgy of the Word - June 11th & June 25th 10 AM Family Mass

This great act of worship directed toward and including our children takes place on the 2nd and 4th SUNDAYS of the month at the 10:00 AM Family Mass. The Children and their parent(s) will be brought to the Assumption Community Room, formerly the Lower Church. For more information, please contact our Youth Minister Richard Beahm, or Tina Miller at 201-262-1122, or e-mail:

The Legacy Fund is a new fund to which parishioners can donate for the purpose of parish enhancements not related to traditional operating expenses (utilities, salaries, etc.).

All the monies donated to the Legacy Fund go directly to parish projects and are not subject to the Archdiocese
assessment fee. 

We have formed a committee of parishioners, the Legacy Committee, to monitor a "wish list" created by the
parishioners and prioritize which projects the Legacy Fund will be able to support, subject to funds and the Pastor's approval.


The Committee encourages you to share your ideas, via the suggestion box that is by the Lost & Found in the Lobby of the Church

Fr. Joseph Mancini and Father Charles Kelly will be running a 10-day pilgrimage  to Ireland! The trip will take place from September 23rd to October 2nd, 2023

Please ask Father Kelly for additional Information.

Famil Mass is Back
We are looking to involve more Parishioners in getting into the spirit by joining the Choir and sing together with us on at 10:00 AM Sunday mornings.

If you are interested in joining our Sunday morning Choir, please come to our Thursday night Rehearsals at 7:30 in the Main Church and sing along with us.

If you have any questions, please call the Rectory at 201-262-1122.

Bingo Volunteers Still Needed

We would like to start our weekly BINGO games, However , we cannot reopen unless we have some volunteers each Friday night. If we could get 5-6 people each week, you would only need approximately 2-3 hours once every 5 weeks and it would be greatly appreciated.

If you would call 201-261-5712 and leave your name and phone number someone will return your call. Thank you very much.

If you have any questions, please contact Rectory Office during regular business hours at 201-262-1122.

Women's Online/Zoom Prayer Group - Join Us!

The Women’s Zoom Prayer Group starts again on January 10th 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

We will be reading a new book and have weekly discussions.

For information on joining us e-mail

Friday Night Adoration

Assumption Church has Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from the first Friday after Labor Day Through May.

There is no limit to the number of people who can come and pray! There is no limit to the graces that can be received through prayers!

New Group at Assumption!
An Intergenerational Mom's Group Connecting Moms to Moms for Sharing
and Encouragement

Whether you are a soon-to-be mom, first-time mom, seventh-time mom, adoptive mom, stepmom, foster mom or a seasoned mom (with grown children) you are welcome here. We will be working to spiritually inspire other younger moms through peer sharing and encouragement.

We are looking for group leaders and members.

Email: and tell us how you would like to take part.

Moms group 2021
Annual Appeal

Please help us with your Weekly Offering


Online Giving:

We rely on your weekly offerings to support the work of our parish and its daily operations.

Please remember your Church 

- your help is needed.

There are 3 ways to contribute :

1) By setting up online giving through Vanco  

2) By dropping your offering envelope at the rectory during business hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

3) Through a new online GoFundMe Page. Our parish URL is:


There are many places on Campus to say the Rosary - Mary's Grotto, The Church, The Rosary Garden at the Spiritual Center or The Gazabo  

Come to Pray!

Spiritual Exercise

Catholic Social Teaching is the body of teaching by the pope, bishops, and other church leaders addresses the most fundamental questions of human coexistence: Who are we? What do we owe one another? How should we live together? How can we establish peace and freedom for all?

Here is how to live Catholic Social Teaching:

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

The Catholic belief in the life and dignity of the human person is the foundation of our moral vision. All life is sacred, and all people must be treated with dignity.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

Participation in family and community is central to our faith and to a healthy society. From this foundation people participate in society, fostering a community spirit and promoting the well-being of all, especially those who are poor or vulnerable.

Rights and Responsibilities

The Catholic Church teaches that every person has a right to life as well as a right to those things required for human decency. As Catholics, we are responsible for protecting these fundamental human rights in order to achieve a healthy society.

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

As Catholics, we are called to pay special attention to the needs of poor people. We can follow Jesus’ example by making a specific effort to defend and promote the dignity of those who are poor or vulnerable and to meet their immediate material needs.

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

The Catholic Church teaches that the basic rights of workers must be respected: the right to productive work, to fair wages, and to private property, and the right to organize and join unions and to pursue economic opportunity. Moreover, Catholics believe that the economy is meant to serve people, not the other way around.


Because God is our Father, we are all brothers and sisters with the responsibility to care for one another. This spirit of solidarity unites all people whether they are rich or poor, weak or strong. It also helps to create a society that recognizes that we live in an interdependent world.

Care for God’s Creation

God is the creator of all people and all things, and he wants us to enjoy his creation. We are called to make the moral and ethical choices that protect the ecological balance of creation both locally and worldwide.


Click Image 

For our Sunday

Sabbath Guide


Watch this Video Series 

Find Intimacy with God - 

With the clear teaching and artistry of the Augustine Institute's Lectio series, Dr. Tim Gray masterfully uses the discipline of Lectio Divina to show you how to make prayer an effective effort of love and intimacy.

Sign up at for 

free, compliments of Church of the Assumption


11 Questions to Ask Your 

Kids instead of "How was your day? 

Building the Kingdom of God.png

We begin by Building the Kingdom of God in ourselves through prayer. We will strive to be docile to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to form us and inspire us with deeper love and desire for God. Click photo for to learn more.


Wrestling With Fear and the Mystery of Injustice: The Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds (Click for Video & Spiritual Exercise)


Click Image 
See Catholic Response to Injustice


Click Image 

New Resources for:

Living the Faith at Home

during the Coronavirus

Help Us, Help Those in Need

We’d like to introduce the Assumption Cares Ministry

This ministry began because people have reached out and offered to serve.


Our goal is to connect “high-risk” people in need in the Emerson Community with people who can help.


 We hope you will help us to:

1. Get the word out to any neighbor or friend - have them call us

2. Become a Volunteer


(All Volunteers must be willing to let us share your name and phone number with a person in need)


If you have a request or would like to Volunteer, please email or call the Rectory at 201-262-1122.

We hope to have a list of “Services Needed” on 



8 Ways to Be Active in Your Faith

1. Watch Mass as a family at home at

2. Read Scripture. In addition to your Bible, a number of Catholic resources have granted free access to their online catalogs during this time. These include Liturgical Press, Magnificat and The Word Among Us. Visit their websites to see readings, reflections and more.

3. FaceTime grandparents so they can see their grandkids smiling! Send photo texts to aunts and uncles and let them know you’re thinking about them.

4. Keep yourself grounded. Visit Ascension Press for some great podcasts from Edward Sri, Father Mike Schmitz, and Father Josh.

5. Reflect on what you miss. Did you notice how much more you wanted to go to Mass when you were told you can’t? This is a time to cultivate our gratitude for the freedoms we have enjoyed our entire lives.

6. Listen. Try Relevant Radio.

7. Create with others in mind!  Nursing Homes have been hit tremendously hard. Visitors aren’t allowed and group activities have shut down. Sends notes of love and support to area seniors on lockdown because of COVID-1, email We will make sure they know you are praying for them.

8. Practice gratitude daily. Instead of focusing on what we’ve lost, be thankful for what we have.

Call Our Rectory

Call for an appointment

at 201-262-1122 

to pray or speak

with a Priest.


A Gift for You and Your Family from Church of the Assumption

Enjoy a free subscription to - an incredible online gateway to the best Catholic content,  all in one place!

With FORMED, you can:

Prepare for Sunday  Mass by watching an insightful five-minute videos 

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• Help your children grow in character and embrace the beauty and wonder of the Faith

FORMED provides amazing  content 24/7 for you to grow in your faith.

It’s FREE and EASY to Register!

1. Go to

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3. Enter your name, email address, and desired password

4. That’s it! You’re all ready to access the inspiring and engaging content on FORMED! We recommend you start with Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist


Share Your Faith:
New Evangelization Ministry

Want To Help Others Grow In Their Faith Journey? 

If you have a personal relationship with Christ and want to grow closer to The Lord, we hope you will consider joining our Evangelization Committee.

This NEW Ministry will be initiating an ongoing new effort to help others grow in faith.


We ask just 1 - 2 hours of your time per month.

For more information, please call Susan Rector at 201-290-8756, or e-mail her at

Our Mission, Every Day

"Bringing the Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to You and Everyone Else.

Share the Journey, Don’t Go it Alone!"

Share Our Vision

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