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"Knowing the Lord Jesus, walking with Him, studying with Him, serving with Christ, and sharing the table of the Lord Jesus is what prepares a person to be His witness to the world."​

Sacrament Formation

Sacrament Formation
Assumption Church Baptism


Assumption Church First Communion and Reconvilation

First Communion & Reconciliation

Assumption Church Confirmation

Confirmation Preparation

Assumption Church: Men and Women Become Members of the Catholic Church

Order of Christian Initiation
for Adults

Assumption Church Getting Married in a Catholic Ceremony


Call 201-262-1122

Grade 1-8 Formation

Grade 1 - 8 Formation
Assumption Church: Children grades 1-8, Releigous Education in the Catholic Religion
Our Parish CCD program consists of class study to deepen our student's understanding of the beauty of Catholic Faith Truths and provide sacrament preparation.
Assumption Church teaching families how to ive the Catholic faith at home

Family Faith Formation at Home

Family Faith at Home
The family that prays together stays together. Proverbs 6

Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation
Assumption Church: Teach adults how to live the Catholic faith
Every one of us, by virtue of our Baptism, is on a life-long journey of faith. We are here to help all adults grow in a relationship with God and in relationship with each other.

Come to us if you want to complete your sacraments, convert to Catholicism, for Bible Study, to study the Mass and the Eucharist, to connect socially and spiritually, to join a Ministry, to join a faith-sharing  support group, to learn the catechism, to learn how to pray or if you are looking for mentor. We are here for you.

Youth Formation

Assumption Parish: Teaching teens how to live the Catholic faith
Youth Faith Formation
Youth Group is for middle school age kids. We are here to make friends, learn, and have fun, all while growing in their relationship with God and with each other.
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