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Welcome to our Parish

About Our Community

Our parish is a loving and diverse Catholic family of faith and a haven, where all are welcome. Whether you are looking for a new parish home, a community, a place to grow in faith, or a way to put your faith in action, we are happy you are here.

Today's Readings
Our Catholic Beliefs

Our Catholic Beliefs 

For 2,000 years, this Catholic faith has been handed down

from one generation to the next,

starting with Jesus Christ passing the faith to the Twelve Apostles. 

  • We believe that human beings were created by God in love and in relationship to Him.

  • We believe that everything is given to us by God and our Catholic responsibility is to share our time, talent and treasure with those around us.

  • We believe in the Holy Trinity, that God has revealed himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit — a communal relationship of love — and He has created us to share in that life.

  • We believe in community and we are a part of one living Body of Christ.

  • ·We believe in the communion of the saints, which binds together the faithful.

  • We believe in Jesus’ crucifixion, death and resurrection, and that He overcame death, so that one day we may rise to eternal life with Him.

  • We believe in one, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church, which has divine origins and guidance, and is open to all people who are faithful.

Become a Catholic
Learn about the Catholic Faith

Let's Journey Together

Are you curious about becoming Catholic but you are concerned about a past marriage, or coming back to the church after a long time. Maybe you are seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith, than

Adult Christian Initiation (RCIA) is for you. Talk to us, we can answer all of your questions.

Call the Rectory at 201-262-1122 or click the option above.

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