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Assumption Church: Building a Toddler's or Preschoolers Faith at home
New Faith Discoveries Await Your Little One

“Train the young in the way they should go; even when old, they will not swerve from it:"

Proverbs 22:6

Scripture is layered with reminders of our responsibility to educate children in the Faith, to lead them on the path of Truth, and to invite them into relationship with Jesus. 

Search Kids - for Toddler and Preschool Videos:
  • Learn the Catholic Faith through Music - Christine in Action
  • Adventure Catechism
  • The Jesus Stories
  • Totally Toddlers - The Alphabet
Interactive Mass Book.jpg
Engage children in the Mass and inspire them to love the Holy Eucharist. Beautiful artwork and hands-on activities like wheels, flaps, and tracing invite children into the beauty of the Mass. Simple explanations and prayers of the Mass provide a deeper understanding for little ones.

Sign up for a Play Date on Campus in September
You and your child can create a play dough mate and we will laminate them for you!

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es 3 & 4)
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Assumption Church: Share life with other Catholic families

Families: Want to start a  Small Group?

Why small groups?

In short: Jesus had a small group. He showed us how to share life, support each other and care for another.

• Small groups allow us to belong and to know others, to recognize we are not alone

• Small groups allow us to meet new people, create lasting friendships,

and a deeper sense of parish community

• Small groups challenge us in our prayer life and encourage us to live as a Catholic family

• Small groups are a vehicle to share life with other families, so we can support and care for one another

• Small groups beckon us to deepen our faith


Want to learn more? Contact Sue Rector at 201-290-8756 or


Start your Small Group with a Book!
This book is a must read if you seek to have stronger family connections. 

Assumption Church: Meeting with other Catholic Families to grow in faith as a family

"Jon's readable, amusing, and direct style make this a great read for anyone  who wants to grow in faith, family, and the Church."

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