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Catholic Responses to Injustice

The more difficult question is how do we, as followers of Christ, react when injustice comes into our lives? Are the only options retaliating or running away? Here are three practical, Catholic choices we can try instead.

1. Retreat into activity. When someone wrongs us, we shouldn’t maneuver to get even nor move away in anger because then we are likely to lash out at the next innocent person who crosses our path. Rather, as quickly as we can, the same day if possible, volunteer to help someone less fortunate.  You could volunteer to help reach out to all of parishioners to see what they need, or drop off diapers and wipes to our food boxes in front of the Rectory. (We bring your donations to the Office of Concern at St. Cecilia's) It’s amazing how quickly our own troubles can take on their proper perspective when we reach out to others who are starving, homeless, or very ill and lonely.

2. Take a crucifix in hand. This doesn’t have to be large. Most rosary or necklace crosses are small enough to fit in our palm. Envelop the corpus of Christ tightly inside a fist and pray these words of Isaiah 43 over and over again: I am the LORD; there is no Savior but me. (or read & meditate on the Scripture passage)

3. Pray for our enemies. This is not easy. But with eyes closed, we can meditate on the many injustices that commissioned Christ to die for our sins. He did nothing wrong and ended up being crucified to a tree. Behold the Man and ask, if God were truly just with us for our sins, what portion of His Son’s cross would we have to carry? Then pray that our enemies will share a similar enlightenment and leave any thoughts of vengeance to the Lord.
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