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Father Paul's Weekly Reflections

Thoughts from the Heart 

January 29, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Scriptures teach us to seek justice and humility. We are who we are because all of us claim  our identity as the children of God by baptism. God gifts us with all we have.


The Beatitudes remind us that those  who are blessed obtain the kingdom of God by humility, poverty of spirit, and putting God first in our lives. God promises to care for us and our every need if we seek first His kingdom, and seek to follow the Gospel.

Have a Blessed week,


Fr. Paul

From the Pastor's Desk

January 29, 2023
Next weekend
, we will invite you to make your pledge to the Archbishops Annual Appeal. Our Goal this year is the same as last year: $41,174.00. Please come prepared next weekend to make your pledge.
Thank You.

Month's Mind Mass for Benedict P.P. XVI will be held here at Assumption this coming Tuesday, January 31st at 7PM. All are welcome to attend.

Communicating God's Word Collection
Thank you for your generosity towards last week's collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign. There are still envelopes at the doors of the church  available for your donations.

Your support helps the CCC engage and build community for millions, here in the United States and around the world!

Second Counting Team
The Archdiocese of Newark requires us to have more than one collection counting team at our Parish. The weekend's collection is usually counted on Monday mornings.

At present we have only one team, but we would like to create at least two additional teams of 4 people to help  with this ministry. If you are interested, please call the Rectory office and leave your name and phone number. Thank you for you help and consideration in helping our Parish.

January 22, 2023
There is a special collection today for Communicating God's Word. Please be generous as more than 11% of the population lives in poverty. Through this collection you support programs that address the root cause of poverty.

In addition, 25% of the funds we collect remain in our diocese to fund local anti-poverty projects. we than you for your generosity.

January 15, 2023
Thanks to all those who worked to make our church building so beautiful for the Christmas season by decorating it.

Many people commented on how nice the church looked during the Christmas. Season.

Stewardship $11,800 is needed weekly in our collection to support our parish. Thank you for your continued generosity to our parish.

January 8, 2023
I want to Thank Fr. Eugene F. Bettinger, O.Carm. for his dedication and service to our parish over the last six years. Fr. Eugene will be moving to St. Cecelia's in Englewood to live with his Carmelite Community. 

May God Bless Him always.

January 1, 2023
We thank all for the Cards, Gifts and Goodies that were
sent to the priests for Christmas.
Blessings to All!

Have You Considered the Benefits of Serving in One of Our More than 30 Ministries

10. You will gain a broader perspective.

Serving others allows you to focus on those in need and not yourself.

9. You will make friends.

You find "good people" and bond together in a common goal.

8. You will make a difference.

You will feel better knowing you helped someone else in their life’s journey.

7. You will feel refreshed.

You will find acceptance in a community of faith and love.

6. You will find that you are more generous.

You will feel GOOD and want to give more and more of your time

And talents.

5. You will learn what is important.

You will learn what the Church teaches and teach it to your children.

4. You will find that your efforts have a Greater Purpose.

Your endeavors could result in someone's life being changed for eternity.

3. You will Give Back.

The more you give…The more you get back.

2. You will discover your Natural and Spiritual Gifts.

God has given each one of us abilities and talents intended to help others.

1. You will find Jesus.

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