Father Paul's Weekly Reflections

Thoughts from the Heart

- March 29, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This fifth Sunday of Lent the scriptures remind us that God calls us to the fullness of His life.

The raising of Lazarus from the dead, was and is a powerful reminder of who Jesus is, “the resurrection and the life.” We come to an awareness of this truth through our faith. The Holy Spirit lives within you and me, and it is the Holy Spirit that enlivens us. Jesus restores Lazarus to life, and Jesus calls us to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit. In these days, as we are dealing with this pandemic, may we be reminded that the Spirit of Jesus within us is greater than anything in this world that could harm us. Jesus wants to heal us and enliven our minds and hearts. 


Have a blessed week.

Love, Fr. Paul

From the Pastor's Desk


March 29, 2020

We continue to stream Daily and Sunday Masses on our Facebook page. People have asked about making their weekly donation to the parish. We are suggesting you drop off your envelope at the Rectory during the week during regular business hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., sign up for online giving through the website, or visit the newly created Go Fund Me page that the Archdiocese set up for each parish during this time at: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/church-of-the-assumption1.


Please know that in this time of concern and anxiety, the Priests and Deacons are here for you to voice your concerns. Please feel free to call, or come in and talk.

March 22, 2020

With the various restrictions and practices put into effect to halt the Coronavirus, this Lent has become a very different kind of a Lent for us, that all of us have never had before. While there are challenges we all have to face, Assumption is working to keep the Church Campus clean.


With Regards to the Coronavirus:

1. If an employee does not feel well, we advise them to stay home. If a parishioner is sick and not feeling well we advise them to stay at home as well.

2. We have ordered extra cleaning materials, tissues and wipes, and the church and school are being cleaned regularly by our custodial staff, who have implemented a program to keep our church, school, rectory, spiritual center, and all restrooms clean for all.

3. The Holy Water fonts have been emptied for the time being. 4. We ask that you exchange the sign of peace without physical contact.

5. Communion via the Chalice is suspended for the time being. 6. Clergy, Staff, School and Ministry Volunteers are washing their hands with soap and water for a full 20 seconds, frequently.

7. We are complying fully with the directives of our Archdiocese, our local state and national government.


Please know that in this time of concern and anxiety, the Priests and Deacons are here for you to voice your concerns. Please feel free to call, or come in and talk. 

Fall 2019

E-mail Scam Alert

As we mentioned about the rash of recent e-mail scams, we have received the following notice from the Archdiocese of Newark. Our parish priests will never, under any circumstances, ask you via e-mail to purchase gift cards or wire money. Any such request is fraudulent and should be deleted immediately. Phishing scams targeting churches in this way have become increasingly common in recent months. Most of these e-mails will say something like, “I have a favor to ask,” and proceed to ask you to purchase gift cards or wire money. We recommend you report such emails as phishing scams to your e-mail provider and the State of New Jersey Cyber Crimes Unit. Please contact this Unit at: https://www.njsp.org/division/investigations/cybercrimes.shtml


Also, ALWAYS contact the Rectory Offices or speak with one of the priests to validate the authenticity of any suspicious e-mails claiming to be from our priests or staff!

Thank you!

Have You Considered the Benefits of Serving

in One of Our More than 30 Ministries

10. You will gain a broader perspective.

Serving others allows you to focus on those in need and not yourself.

9. You will make friends.

You find "good people" and bond together in a common goal.

8. You will make a difference.

You will feel better knowing you helped someone else in their life’s journey.

7. You will feel refreshed.

You will find acceptance in a community of faith and love.

6. You will find that you are more generous.

You will feel GOOD and want to give more and more of your time

And talents.

5. You will learn what is important.

You will learn what the Church teaches and teach it to your children.

4. You will find that your efforts have a Greater Purpose.

Your endeavors could result in someone's life being changed for eternity.

3. You will Give Back.

The more you give…The more you get back.

2. You will discover your Natural and Spiritual Gifts.

God has given each one of us abilities and talents intended to help others.

1. You will find Jesus.