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Why Register?

  • You want to be an active member of a parish community, growing in your faith while adding your gifts and talents to help others. 

  • Being a registered parishioner is necessary if you need a Sponsor Certificate to be a witness for Baptism or Confirmation. 

  • If you are getting married at a destination and are hoping for a Catholic wedding, you will be required to be a Catholic parish member.

  • If you are planning to have a family and would like to baptize your children, being a member of a parish is an essential element of the process. 

Effective management of your parish requires each family be registered.

Call the Rectory Office at (201) 262-1122 to register now!

You can download a Registration Form by clicking HERE 


Please mail registration forms to:

     Church of the Assumption

     29 Jefferson, Ave.

     Emerson, NJ 07630.

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