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Social Concerns

A caring, compassionate and growing Social Concerns Ministry 
is present here at the Church of the Assumption. This Ministry
organizes scheduled Food Drives throughout the year, getting great support from CCD students and members of the Parish, where there is an ongoing effort to help support local food pantries.

We also sponsor a “Baby Shower” on Mother’s Day weekend where baby items are collected and donated to local homes that
support first-time single mothers. Some members also cook
and serve at the Local County Homeless Shelter in Hackensack
twice a year. This Ministry also organizes the annual Christmas 
Giving Tree Project
. Charities that support the less fortunate are 
contacted, and in turn submit gift suggestions for needy men,
women and children. Social Concerns members prepare the
cards and place all on the “Giving trees”. Gifts are returned,
collected and given to each organization in time for Christmas.


Not a lot of time is required to be a member of this Ministry;
there are only 2 or 3 meeting per year.
New members are always welcome.

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Sandy Johnson


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