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Welcome. This year, you are invited on a journey through the somber season of Lent, into the dark depths of Good Friday, and out into the marvelous light of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As we journey through this season of Lent and Easter together, let’s wonder about and discuss what we believe needs to die in ourselves, in order to lead to vibrant, abundant life in Jesus.


Our programs this Lent are meant to bring you to a place where you can fully embrace the gift of the gospel, which leads to deeper life and love - a new life in Jesus both in this world and the one to come.

"Is Lent About You" Video

Trying to decide "that thing" to do this Lent?

Watch this video first, you'll be glad you did.

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PARISH LENTEN MISSION  - Rekindle Eucharistic Amazement

Attend our Parish Lenten Mission March 6th - 8th, 7pm (Come to all three nights) as presented by the Friars of the Renewal, St Michael Parish, Paterson, NJ.


Monday night will have a Presentation, Adoration & Benediction,

Tuesday night will include a  Presentation Adoration & Confession, then join us

Wednesday night for our final Presentation and closing Mass.


Bring non-perishable food to donate for the poor.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please register.

PARISH LENTEN RETREAT - The Rescue Project   March 13th, 6:15pm

The Rescue Project experience is intended to be transformative and to be watched in small groups. It’s for people who have been going to church, as well as people who never even heard the name of Jesus. Father John shows his viewers a way of seeing life through a biblical lens, which helps us to make more sense of the world.

.” As Father John says, “We pray that through this experience, a person is provoked in a new way to consider who God is, why He made the world, why everything is so messed up, and what He’s done about the mess”.

Here is the trailer:

Ash Wednesday

MASS TIMES: 6:30am | 8am | 12:05pm | 7pm

Additional Ashes Distribution on Ash Wednesday: 3:30pm

Lent Devotions Schedule

Stations of the Cross: 7pm

Adoration: 7:15pm-8pm

Every First Friday Healing Mass at 6pm


Every Saturday 10:30am-11:45pm or by appointment

PARISH MISSION - Rekindle Eucharist Amazement

March 6th - 8th, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 7pm in Church, come all three nights!

PARISH RETREAT - The Rescue Project  

This experience is intended to be transformative and to be watch in small groups. It's for people who have been going to church, as well as people who never even heard the name of Jesus. Father John shows his viewers a way of "seeing" life through a biblical lens. We pray that through this experience a person is provoked in a new way to consider who God is, why He made the world, why everyhting is so messed up, and what He's done about the mess.

Holy Week and The Holy Triduum Mass Schedule

PALM SUNDAY: 5pm (Saturday) | 8:30am | 10am | 12:15pm | 6pm

HOLY THURSDAY: 9am Morning Prayer 7:30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper Adoration Following Mass

GOOD FRIDAY: 9am Morning Prayer | Noon Outdoor Stations of the Cross | 3pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 

HOLY SATURDAY: 9am Morning Prayer | 10am Decorating of the Church | 11:30am Blessing of the Food | 8pm The Easter Vigil

EASTER:   8:30am | 10am | 12:15pm 

Ways to Draw Closer


The continued act of turning our hearts and minds to God in prayer creates within us a habitual disposition of humility. Additionally, as a conversation with God and a way to silence our minds and hearts, we grow in our ability discern to the movements of the Holy Spirit and hear His words in the “gentle wind” (cf. 1 Kings 19:10-12).

  • Rekindle your Eucharistic Amazement at our Parish Mission March 6-8th at 7pm in Church

  • Get the Laudate app and pray the Liturgy of the Hours

  • Practice this Prayer Exercise (if you have resentment in your heart towards someone else) Pray for the person(s) each day for the 40 days Lent, by praying humbly that you want them to receive only the best from God, all the blessings and goodness that God can give.

  • Listen to the Bible in the Year Podcast

  • Explore different ways to pray: visio divina, lectio divina, imaginative prayer - Come to our Lay Carmelite Sunday Prayer Event at 12:15pm for adoration, a talk, lectio divina and an evening prayer

  • Learn a new modernization of Lectio, called "Love the Word" like Mary, Every Friday at 5:30pm in the Lower Church

  • Do a scriptural rosary

  • Say the Litany of Humility each night

  • Listen to AbidingTogether Podcast with Sister Miriam Heidland SOLT

  • Say the Rosary, daily in Church after the 12:05pm Mass

  • Attend Stations of the Cross, ever Friday at 6pm

  • Go to Adoration, Every Friday night at 7pm

  • Go to, do the 4-part series on Living Lent as a Family


As you fast this Lent, explore what is occurring in your heart. In your fast, pray through the desires that are hurtful and misleading to you. Prayfully consider which of the seven deadly sins (Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy) are causing you to separate yourself from intimacy with our Lord.

Some ways you can fast are: 

  • From perfection and control

  • From unchaste thoughts, words, and actions

  • From the extra helping during dinner

  • From wanting what I don’t have

  • From neglecting your spouse, friendships, and/or yourself

  • From road rage

  • From (excessive) social media usage



More than simply giving money, almsgiving is an act of sacrifical love that incorporates both prayer and fasting and manifests itself by caring for our neighbor in need. The primary way we, as Christians, do this is through the corporal acts of mercy: to feed the hungry, to give drink to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to give shelter to travelers, to visit the sick, to visit the imprisoned, and to bury the dead.

Consider these acts of almsgiving: 

  • Join one of our 30 Ministries or Small Community Groups

  • Donate food to the Franciscan Friars of Renewal when you attend our Parish Mission

  • Volunteer to bring Communion to the Homebound

  • Prepare snack bags with us so "No NJ child goes to school hungry" this Spring.

  • Volunteer for Sunday Mass  (Altar Servers, Mass Greeters or Learn how to give Holy Communion, become a Lector or sing in the Choir)

  • Volunteer to work on team at our Parish Retreat: The Rescue Project, we need reception, meal servers, people to keep us on-time and those who can clean up.

  • Make a Lenten gift to Assumption.

  • Help us set up the New Faith Formation room in the School - can you help to decorate a gathering space? 

Lent Resources.jpeg

Community Groups at Church of the Assumption are Christ-centered small groups where one is accompanied in their faith journey through genuine and caring relationships.

You might consider joining these new groups:

  • Men's Group (21-30's)

  • Women's Group (21-30ish)

  • Mom's Daytime Prayer Group (Mom's of Babies up to Preschool)

  • Women's Prayer Group (Intergenerational)

   Or you might  start your own.

We'll show you how.​

Interested in joining one this Lent?

A Catholic Lenten Resource Guide

The Sacraments

Lent is also the time for the baptized to renew their baptismal commitment, while those who desire to become Catholics enter a process of learning and discernment, (adult RCIA) in preparation for baptism during the Easter Vigil.

If you have not received all of your sacraments, we would be happy to speak with you. 

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We invite you to find ways to draw nearer to the Eucharistic heart of Jesus.  These great 40 days of our Lenten journey can and will bring us to the Great 50 days of Easter.

Parish Mission
The Rescue Project
This Lent
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