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A Place to Reflect during Holy Week
On display, now until April 17th in church
Replicas of the Instruments used during Christ's Passion on the Cross - these are the weapons Christ endured for the forgiveness of our sins.

- The Cross
- The Crown of Thorns
- The Pillars where Jesus
was whipped 
- The Sponge on a Reed
- The Lance which inflicted the
   5 Wounds
- The Nails 
- The Veil of Veronica

The Reed (Sceptre)
- The Purple Robe
-  The Dice to Cast Lots
  - The Rooster (Cock) that crowed
-  The Hammer to drive the nails
  - The Thirty pieces of silver 

   and more...

 What is the Great Holy Triduum?


It is three HOLY DAYS, where we "live" Christ's journey, from the Last Supper to the Garden of Gethsemane, to Calvary, to the Tomb, and ultimately to the Resurrection. 

These days are the most important days of the year because they are the most profound mysteries of our faith.

On Holy Thursday, we celebrate Jesus' gift, of leaving us his body & blood in the Eucharist, so that you and I can find the grace we need to live.

On Good Friday, we wait with Jesus as He is betrayed and walk with Him to Calvary, as we venerate His Cross and share in His mission to save us.

On Holy Saturday, we  wait in silence. Until the evening when we go to the Easter Vigil or celebrate at home that the Light of Christ, rises from the darkness , from the dead and into our church and our world.

On Easter Sunday, we sing Allelulia! Jesus Christ, our hope and our salvation has risen. Love has conquered death. We thank God with great joy as we go forth to tell the Good News to the World.

Click to down the 8-Day Holy Week Reader or the Prayer Journal
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