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What our Parishioners Say 
About Receiving Holy Communion

“Receiving the Eucharist is an incredibly special moment for me EVERY SINGLE TIME. There is no time that I feel closer to Jesus than when I have just received, and I am speaking to Him one-on-one. 

It brings me strength, peace, and comfort. One of my prayers every single day has always been to be better this day than I was the day before. Every time I receive the Eucharist, I feel that it helps me answer that prayer a little bit more, because every time I receive it, I have a little more Jesus inside me. ”

“I find that I feel He is truly with me,  when I am more open to the experience of receiving Him.”

“In my experience, when I receive the Eucharist, I become a better person, my spirit is uplifted, and I feel refreshed  afterwards. In that moment, everything is right, I am with Him.  It’s like a piece of heaven here on earth.” 

“Going to Communion has helped me find strength during the tough times.”

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