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Combining individual reading, thought-provoking small 
group discussion and insightful video presentations, our adult
Bible Study will bring participants to a deeper and better
understanding of the Bible. Choose from day or evening study
groups. new courses focusing on single or multiple books of
the Bible begin each September and at various other times as announced.

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A Consecration to Saint Joseph

It is time for men to run into the arms of Saint Joseph for his spiritual protection.


In so many ways, Saint Joseph is the antidote for our modern age that has forgotten the wonderful goods of marriage and family.

The first part is a “33-Day Preparation” for the Consecration to Saint Joseph which includes an impressive number of fascinating quotes by the popes and saints about the foster father of Jesus.


Each of the writings for these 33 days serves as a reminder of the role that Saint Joseph has played in salvific history as well as contends why St. Joseph should be at the center of Catholic family life and the domestic Church.

The second part is “The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father,” which provides a biographical sketch of Saint Joseph as well as some considerations and insights into his wondrous life. '

The third part consists of prayers to St. Joseph, including several prayers of Consecration to Saint Joseph by Father Calloway and several saints including Saint Alphonsus Liguori.

Catholics should not be intimidated by the idea of consecration to Saint Joseph; it simply consists of readings and prayers. But they might discover that a conversion of heart accompanies the mere words.


Moreover, as Father Calloway points out, one need not undertake the full Consecration process to gain some benefit from the book—although consecration is the intended goal.


Join us this November 8th - December 13th


- Sundays from 10-11am in church or by Livestream at home

Just $24 includes:

Consecration to Saint Joseph Book and Small Group Fellowship

For more information or to register call:   

Dave Rector 201-406-9471



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