Ways to Support Your Parish

There are a number of ways to support your parish, including our envelope program, donations and Parish Membership. Choose an option for giving:

  • Weekly Giving through our Envelope Program

  • Quarterly, Semi-annual or Annual Donation

  • Credit Card Donation

  • Parish Membership

We can receive your donation through Electronic Giving. Parishioners can donate through checking/savings accounts or by using debit/credit cards.

An online registration will allow you to avoid using envelops and choose both the amount and the frequency of your donations (weekly, monthly, ...) or even set a one-time offering. You can set up your secure account by clicking the Online Giving button.

Visit our NEWS page for more information.

Effective management of your parish requires each family be registered.

Call the Rectory Office at (201) 262-1122 to register now! You can download a Registration Form by clicking HERE (please, mail registration forms to: Church of the Assumption, 29 Jefferson, Ave., Emerson, NJ 07630).