Dear Parishioners,

      When two or three of us come together God is present among us.  The scripture this week remind us of the importance of being a community of faith and calling each other forth to accountability, to responsibility. We are all co-responsible for one another and for the upbuilding of Christ’s body here on earth, the  Church.

      We are the church, dear brothers and sisters, we are the eyes and ears and hands and feet of Jesus in the world. God needs all of us to continue the mission of making disciples and being disciples together. 

      Next Sunday we will be commissioning our Catechists, those who teach the faith, and on September 24th  we will be commissioning all the ministries of our parish. We are not called to be islands, but  we are called to come together and form Christs body here on earth. God needs all our gifts and talents to be shared, right here and right now among us in our wonderful parish family.

      We can indeed be a blessing to one another,  we indeed can make an eternal impact on one another’s  lives for great good.  The primary law is the law of love.

      May we as church always look out for one another’s greatest good.

      At the end of the day our practice of the faith is meant to make us into more loving people, ready to forgive each other, ready to accept each other and encourage and support one another on this journey together towards our heavenly home. “Love is the fulfillment of the law” St. Paul reminds us. In the ordinary events of life, not only in moments of tragedy, are we called to come together to love…                               

Have a blessed week.  

Love,  Fr. Paul

WELCOME BACK COFFEE- We will be hosting a Welcome Back Coffee TODAY, Sunday, September 10th after the 10:00 & 12:15 Masses. We welcome back all of our parishioners that have been away for the summer, any new families in town, and anyone who is returning to Church of the Assumption.  We look forward to seeing all of our friends and neighbors together, Sunday, September 10th after the Masses for light refreshments.








Thoughts from the Heart
Fr. Paul

Thoughts from the Heart

Dear Parishioners,

       Today we commission all the parishioners who have volunteered for the various ministries of our parish family.  A great big thank you to all who have stepped forward to serve and make an eternal impact on the lives of others .

      A parish is composed of people who give of their time, talent and treasure, to  make church happen.

      This is our baptismal calling, to go and make disciples and to grow in discipleship, deepening our journey of faith each day.  All of you are needed, along with all of your gifts and talents to make the Body of Christ in this parish grow.

      We, your Priests, Deacons, and Parish Pastoral Staff are here to serve you and to assist you in your journey of faith.  Together we will go forward in faith to be all that  God  invites us to be.

     To that end, in another place in the bulletin I am inviting you to one of two listening sessions we will be having here so that you might  give us input about what your hopes and dreams are for us as a parish family and the challenges that face us together as we move forward in faith to follow the gospel message of Jesus.

      I hope you can make one of the two dates we offer. The parish is the people, all of us together seeking Gods will for our lives. All of us are called to "labor in the vineyard".  God will not be outdone in generosity to us for our love and service.  He will provide for all that we need to do his holy will.   

Have a blessed week,


     Fr. Paul



September 24, 2017