Thoughts from the Heart
Fr. Paul

Dear  Brothers and Sisters,

     The first line of our mission statement is “Bringing the Power of Jesus Christ to you and everyone else.”

     It’s the power of the Holy Spirit that is given to all of us in baptism and confirmation. Jesus told his disciples to stay in Jerusalem until they receive the “power from on high.” 

     The plain truth is that when we live our lives in the power of the Holy Spirit and not only by our own power and strength, we can do so much more that is in alignment with God’s will.  

     We first have to recognize the power of the Holy Spirit within us and see it activated in our lives, and appreciate it. Only then will we be inspired to share the good news about the Holy Spirit with others. Once we see its effects in our lives will we have something to share. We will hear at Mass this weekend that we were “chosen by God,” and we have received the seal of the promised Holy Spirit, the first installment of our inheritance. 

     This is what we have been given, and this is what we are called to bring to one another as we walk the journey together.     

Have a blessed week,

Love, Fr. Paul



     Monday, July 16th is the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I thought with Fr. Eugene as a First Order Carmelite and I as a Secular Third Order Carmelite we should share something about this title of Mary – The Carmelites have a devotion to Mary and this feast commemorates the establishment of the religious order on Mt. Carmel in Israel and the approval of their rule of life in the 14th Century.

     Mt. Carmel in Israel has always been a holy mountain that has its origin all the way back to the prophet Elijah. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is also seen holding the Brown Scapular, which many popes and saints encouraged us to wear, as a sign of our commitment to follow Jesus like Mary did. 

     Last Sunday I made a personal appeal to all of you in our parish family to consider the opportunity to share your faith with our young people this coming September in our faith formation program. Class size will be limited to only 20-25 children. Contact Judi Agnew if your are interested. 

     We hope and pray that you might hear the call and  with a generous heart step up to serve God and neighbor in this particular way and bring the power of Jesus Christ to our young people.