Thoughts from the Heart
Fr. Paul

Dear  Brothers and Sisters,

     Today we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, the great feast of Pentecost.

     Pentecost concludes the Easter Season. 

     When the Holy Spirit filled the Apostles they went out from the upper room and began to proclaim the gospel to the nations. They met with all sorts of challenges in doing so, yet they continued to persevere and build up the church.  

     As we go forward together as a parish family, how important it is that we be people with a sense of mission as the first twelve Apostles were. Jesus asked them to go out and proclaim the gospel to all nations.  That gospel still needs to be proclaimed by every one of us who are baptized and confirmed believers.  We  are called to make an impact upon this world for good.      At every Mass we are sent forth in mission through our humanity to bring the gospel to every situation in daily living.  So how can we show our love for God and neighbor as we love ourselves?  We can ask the Holy Spirit to guide us, and know that  we have an advocate ever at our side we don’t have to go it alone, ever!  

Blessings and Love in Jesus, 

 Fr. Paul